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Saturday Care:
We will be open to provide care for your child for a special rate on Saturday,  November 9th! This will be our final Saturday providing Drop In Childcare. 
$5/meal for each child. Snacks are provided   complimentary.
Copy of Friday, November 8.png
Infant Drop In  Childcare:
This program be offered on an hourly basis, available Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM for ages 3-12 months.  Care will be provided by completion of the following form, or by calling or texting, 984-244-2373. Infants will only be able to receive 4 hours per day of services. 
Parents will be responsible for all necessities of the child. (Pampers, Wipes, Milk, Snacks, Blankets, Etc.). Bottle warmer is available on site. 
Drop In Childcare Membership is required. Prepaid Packages are available. 
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