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Policies below: feel free to do what you please with them lol. Also, please note that the liability waiver you guys has doesn’t limit you from gross negligence. 


Kreative Kidz Babysitting Polices:




Kreative Kids Babysitting offers occasional and date night babysitting, nanny, transportation, event coverage, and in-home drop in care services. 


Kreative Kidz Guarantee:


We offer a "Kreative" experience to children, by implementing educational and fundamental activities, while enhancing their age appropriate development! We believe in thinking outside of the box, while learning through play when children are in our care. We create trusting and dependable relationships ensuring that your child's personal developmental needs are met.


Booking Policies:


  1. Creative Kids requires a 48 hour advanced notice. Clients are to fill out this contact form located at * 


  1. Clients that has received service before may contact us via email. *


  1. Clients will be contacted within one business day during business hours to schedule their desired service. 


  1. In order to reserve a spot for service there is a required 50% deposit for all services. The remainder must be paid once services are completed.


  1. Any service that is booked less than the required 48 hour advanced notice is considered an emergency service. Emergency service has a $25 base service fee. 


  1. If you are booking to have Kreative Kids come to you the service can not exceed more than 10 hours. Any overtime will result in an overtime fee. ***I may not have interpreted this correctly on the flyer***


  1. Some services may require a contract and will be discussed during scheduling. 


*Kreative Kids used to accept contact via text messaging. However, an increase in clientele requires us to change the method of contact to google form and email only. This is to be sure every client is serviced properly. 


Cancellation Polices:


  1. We realize that life happens. If anything comes up and you need to cancel the appointment. Please contact us no later than 25 hours before the scheduled appointment. Any notice at 24 hours or less will result in an additional fee. 


  1. Any client that fails to cancel the service and does not show for the appointment will be charged the full base service fee. 


  1. Creative Kids reserves the right to refuse service to any client that refuses to pay, timely pick up children, and has excessive cancelations. 


  1. If there are any disputes regarding payment the matter will be taken to court and you will be responsible for court costs and legal fees.


Fee Policies:


Service Fee: $16/hour + $5/sibling

Emergency service Fee: $25

Last minute change Fee: $15

Overtime Fee: $1/minute + $15 Last Minute Change Fee

$16/trip + $8/additional stops


Discipline Policy:


We strongly believe in positive reinforcement and logical discussion to achieve good behavior of children. We communicate to children the importance of respect for themselves, others, and property. Should a situation arise in which a sitter is not able to control your child/children by these methods, only then will you be contacted. If the situation requires your return home, you will be responsible for the full booking fee.


**your policy** No physical harm will be given to any child in Kreative Kidz’s care. Parents discretion and restrictions of discipline/guidance methods practiced are accepted. Kreative Kidz employees will only practice what is suggested by the parent and as needed. In the event that discipline is needed, it will be discussed with the parent. If constant discipline is needed (more than 5 occurrences a week) a meeting will be needed with the parent to discuss. 


Common methods of discipline that Kreative Kids uses:

  • 3 min Time- Outs

  • Redirection 

  • Reward System 


Medication Policy:


The following guidelines will be enforced with regard to medications for your child/children:


  • Only doctor prescribed medications will be administered.

  • You must sign a medication consent form, verbal permission will not be accepted. The medical consent form will be signed prior to service rendered. 

  • We will not force your child to take medication.

  • We will not give injections.


Emergency Policy:


In the event of a medical emergency, our sitters will call 911 before calling you. Should there be any other type of emergency, we will first consider the safety of your child/children before notifying you


Illness Policy:


Unlike daycare and schools, we will care for your child even throughout illness. However, should you be out, you may be contacted to return if:

  • Fever of 101 degrees or over

  • Vomiting

  • Severe and persistent cough

  • Difficulty in breathing

  • Uncontrolled or inconsolable crying

  • Lice or any other type of parasite

  • Any other unusual symptom of illness

We enforce these guidelines for the protection of your child/children as well as our sitters. If you feel your child/children have been harmed in any way, you must notify us within 24 hours.


Waiver of Liability, Release, Assumption of Risk & Indemnity Agreement Notice: This is a legally binding agreement.


You Understand that by booking Kreative Kidz Babysitting for services that you release and hold harmless Kreative Kidz Babysitting NC., and its owners, employees, and all other persons or entities acting for them from any and all claims, demands, suits, cost and not limited to, personal injury, bodily harm, injury, or property damage occurring while the child/children that are being serviced are in the care of Kreative Kidz Babysitting NC. 

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