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Need plans for your child this summer? Look no further! Kreative Kidz NC is providing parents with an affordable Summer Camp that will have various themes and activities included! 


It is our mission to create lasting experiences with your child, while providing parents a peace of mind! 


Please note, this program is for children ages 5-12 and available 8AM-4PM Monday-Friday! We hope to achieve the need your family may have to provide a peace of mind to parents and most importantly, provide some lasting experiences for your child.  

The schedule for camp will be as follows:

8-10am: Arrival/Breakfast/Free Play
10AM-10:15AM: Transition
10:15AM-11AM: Enrichment
11AM-11:30AM: Free Play/Team Led Based Activity
11:30AM-12PM: Lunch
12PM-1PM: Outside Play/Kreative Krafts
1PM-2:30PM: Quiet Time/Movie
2:30PM-2:45PM: Transition/Snack
2:45PM-3:30PM- Kreative Kraft/Team Led Based Activity
3:30PM-4PM: Free Play/Departure Preparation
4PM-5:30PM: Extended Free Play/Movie/Departure


Pricing for our Summer Program will be:

Registration Fee of $50 (includes Kreative Kidz T Shirt)

$200/week + $160/sibling

$50/day + $40/sibling 

Late Pick Up until 5:30PM is available using our hourly pricing and prepaid packages found at


Reservation can be standing or if as needed, please complete reservation request on our website,

We are excited to have your child attend our program for 2021 Summer!!

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A Daily Dose of Kreative Connection: Virtual Learning Edition

Overwhlemed with Virtual Learning?  We are here to provide your child the support they need to thrive this school year! With learning spaces available for them to concentrate and receive on going support from our Virtual Learning Program Specialist, as needed. 

“A Daily Dose of Kreative Connection: Virtual Learning Edition”! This program is for children grades kindergarten- 7th grade and available Monday-Friday with attendance options of:


Full Day- 7:30AM-5:30PM

We hope to achieve the need your family may have to provide a peace of mind to parents and most importantly, provide some lasting experiences for your child.  

Child will be required to bring own device of a tablet or laptop computer to complete virtual learning. Headphones are also required.

We have the following options of attendance and pricing for our Full Day Option:

Tuesday/Thursday: $90/week + $60/sibling

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: $135/week + $100/sibling 

Daily: $205/week + $170/sibling 


Payments are  due weekly on Monday, prior to Drop Off (biweekly and monthly options are available)

$50 deposit is due upon registration and will go towards balance of child’s first week. 

Breakfast,  Lunch, & Snack is included with the following daily schedule.

(Schedule permitted to change based upon child’s daily school schedule)

Virtual Learning Schedule:
7:30AM-8AM: Arrival/Breakfast/Virtual Learning Preparation
8AM-11AM: Virtual Learning Sessions (AM Snack is provided around 10AM, depending on student’s individual BrainBreak)
11AM-11:30AM: Outside Play/Physical Activity
11:30AM-11:45AM: Transition/Clean Up
11:45AM-12:30PM: Lunch
12:30PM-12:45PM: Transition/Clean Up
12:45PM-2PM: Virtual Learning Sessions
2PM-2:30PM: Afternoon Snack
2:30PM-3PM: Kreative Kraft
3PM-3:45PM: Outside Play/Physical Activity
3:45PM-4PM: Transition/Pack Up/Departure
4PM-4:30PM-2ND Afternoon Snack
4:30PM-5:15PM: Free Play
5:15PM-5:30PM: Clean Up/ Final Departure


Please complete the registration below. Within 48 hours of completion, you will receive a contract agreement via email. 


Services will take place at 2022 S. Miami Blvd in Durham!